RealID and it’s withdrawal

So recently, some few of you may have heard of Blizzards plan to display our full names whenever we posted on the official forums. This was not met with approval from the community. The two uber threads on the EU and US boards showed a variety of reactions to the announcement, but most of them were of outrage that Blizzard would do this, that they would betray the playerbases trust in them.That it was an unethical move that threatened peoples safety I have no doubt, especially not after reading this. I don’t know how the originators of that idea thought it was a good one, but the amount of information that can be gotten from a name should be proof that it was terrible.

The main thing I felt though, and judging by the myriad blog posts I’ve read about the matter, others felt similarly, was shocked. Shocked that a company that I have always thought of as not being a company, more a bunch of guys working on games they loved and trying their best to improve them so that more and more people could enjoy their creations, would so blatantly put their business decisions ahead of peoples personal privacy. I mean, I’ve read plenty of posts with people saying that RealID is not that bad, but I have read very very few where people actually support it and say that it’s a good idea.

When I think about the shock this produced in me I’m reminded of this post by Larissa over at Pink Pigtail inn, I think more than the Celestial Steed(which I shamefully bought), more than the remote auction house, more than Lil KT or Lil XT, this RealID forum debacle has really shown me that Blizzard is not some benevolent bunch of fun guys, it is a business. A business that is doing very well, partly because of the trust the community has in them. They have abused that trust now, and even though it is no longer going ahead, it has tainted many peoples view on Blizzard and their business policy. I know that I for one no longer really trust them to put fun ahead of greed. It has made me leery of the future, I can only hope that they never stumble this badly again.


Basic Campfire for Warchief 2010!

We of the horde know that the great Cataclysm brings great change, not least of which will be the vacating of Thralls seat of power as our Warchief. The transference of power to a worthy individual, one strong enough to lead the Horde is obviously of great importance to everyone. Many people’s thoughts immediately turn to Garrosh Hellscream when I say these words, and he is, to be truthful, a strong Orc, one which would lead us to many victories over the Alliance. I did not come here today to speak of Garrosh however, I came to talk of a different candidate, one with a burning passion for the welfare and full stomachs of the Horde.

I speak, of course, about Basic Campfire. Never has there been a more stalwart and trustworthy ally than BC. He has made many magical meals possible in the days of Vanilla and Burning Crusade, and has kept us warm and full in the harsh winters of Northrend, and he will be there in Cataclysm, comforting us with the familiarity of his crackling flames in the suddenly unfamiliar lands after Deathwing’s arrival. If you have but one vote to give, give it to the candidate whose happy flames keep your spirits up(+4!), give it, to Basic Campfire.

Many thanks to Vrykerion of Oddcraft for making this and many other kickass Warchief 2010 campaign buttons!

Good Old Fashioned Questing

Sometimes in this great big world of warcraft, we can forget the little things that made this game fun for us a long time ago.

This is the way it has been for me for a while now.I’ve been suffering pretty badly from some major WoW burnout, and whenever I would log on I would do the famous laps o’ Dalaran. As fun as it is seeing myself slowly circle that place and listen to the horrendous music (Seriously, does anyone like that music? It gets on my tits), I mostly just didn’t play. This was absolutely the right thing to do, if you don’t enjoy it anymore, take a break. You’ll only end up resenting it if you force yourself to play.

I think I may, just may, be coming out of it though. The other day I started up WoW and instead of my main, Vash, I decided to log onto my hunter, Ironsights. Struck by whimsy, I began taking screenshots of the paintings on the walls inside the horde inn in Dalaran. There were only two, but enjoy!

This is a picture of Vordrassil, from Grizzly Hills. I think it looks really great, which is doubly impressive for just being a random painting in an inn.

This appears to be a Tuskarr fisherman gutting his latest catch, a whole whale! I find the expression on the whales face amusing for some reason.

These lightened my heart a bit, I like seeing little pieces of content tucked away in unseen places. This one was even better because it was in a place all horde players probably go to once a day at least, and yet I’ve never heard mention of it before. Little nuggets of content leads me not so smoothly to my next bit of nuggetyness.

Old world quests.

These babies are pretty cool. Just the few at the Bulwark, where I randomly decided to stop of, Alas, Andorhol, The Cauldron quests and Scholomance key questline. These were really great and enjoyable quests to do. The Cauldron quests have a systematic approach with different enemy types around each Cauldron, this makes you really feel like you’re making a difference. They also have the added bonus of having an additional quest at each location, which you have to find yourself. The Alas, Andorhol and Scholomance key quests led me to some interesting places, but the main thing I loved about them were the NPC’s that gave them to me.

Those guys are rarities. They are the first Forsaken NPC’s I’ve met in a long time who were not dicks. These guys actually seemed like they cared about you. They would pat you on the back, spell out your virtues, express concern for your safety and even seem to have a little bit of shame that you had to foot the 15 gold bill for a part of the key chain. These characters were rounded individuals, not just one exaggerated personality trait.

To segue into a pet peeve of mine for a bit, apart from a few exceptions, Northrend seems to be full of Grim Warriors, that is all. You could go from person to person and they would all have this “Grim Warrior” persona imprinted on them like a Dev was rubber stamping defining characteristics and lost all the other ones.


Annnd we’re back. Don’t worry about burnout, it happens sometimes. However, when you journey back into the game, check out the little things around you that go unnoticed. Go on a trip around the old world. Do some old quests, they can surprise you.

Note to Self: Try to be less rambling

A beautiful thing

I’ve been questing in Outland on my Orc Shaman recently, and I just did the quest in Shattrath where you choose an allegiance. I decided to choose Aldor as I had chosen Scryer with my other characters. I was wandering around Aldor Rise when I saw this Night Elf Hunter NPC, completely different from the Draeni that were typical up here.

Caylee Dak

I thought that there must be something special about this NPC, so I got the name, Caylee Dak, and typed it into Wowhead. I found out then that she ended a quest that a child in Stormwind gives you, to give her a poem.

This is the poem.

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.

I am in a thousand winds that blow,
across Northrend’s bright and shining snow.

I am the gentle showers of rain,
on Westfall’s fields of golden grain.

I am in the morning hush,
of Stranglethorn’s jungle, green and lush.

I am in the drums loud and grand,
the thunderous hooves across Nagrand.

I am the stars warmly gleaming,
over Darnassus softly dreaming.

I am in the birds that sing,
I am in each lovely thing.

Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there. I do not die.

I wondered about this, as it seemed strange to have a quest out of nowhere to deliver a nice poem. I then found this comment on the NPC’s page which told me the story behind it.

She was put in by blizz after a player named Alicia who wrote a poem for Dak Krause, a player in her guild who died of leukemia last August. His character was a hunter named Caylee with a pet cat called Dusky. Dusky, appears with his character (a female NE). His character is also still wearing the same armour as he had last equipped it. Alicia then went on to petition Blizzard for the memorial and succeeded in gettting herself and her poem into the game as well as Caylee.

This saddened me, but I think it was a touching thing for Blizzard to put this into the game. Sometimes, you find beautiful things in places you didn’t expect.

And this may be very late, but RIP Dak Krause.

Burnout and Guild Death

<Generic Guild> is a 10 man raiding guild that I started on the Anachronos server. It has cleared 6/11 in ICC 10, Trial of the Crusader 10, and Onyxia 10. However, due to various factors, it is ceasing all raiding and effectively shutting down. Not everyone has come online yet to see that this is the case. I expect a mass exodus when they do. It saddens me a little, seeing something I created die like this, and some of the people I will miss in time I’m sure. All things must come to an end though, and to be truthful, the main emotion I’m feeling now is relief.

That may seem strange to some of you, but I’m sure those who have been involved with leadership in guilds might have an insight as to why this is. The long and short of it is that it was too stressful for me. I couldn’t deal with all the problems that plagued us as a guild. The people who didn’t show up for raids, those who were unreliable, those who were whiny. I had begun to resent and dislike everyone in the guild, I hated logging on, I was burning out faster than a fire lit in the Mariana’s Trench.

I was finally given a break when one of our officers announced via forum post that he was no longer interested in playing WoW, he too was feeling stressed. With him leaving, I knew that I didn’t have the energy or the inclination to keep the guild going, so I decided to call it quits. Being a small 10 man guild with few members, I knew that with the loss of a top DPS and the best geared tank no one would want to take over from me. So I logged on and told the guys, they took it allright actually, I think most that were online had seen it coming. Unsurprising, given how strongly my burnout symptoms had begun to manifest.

Stuff I’ve learned from this

When burnout begins to set in and you want nothing more than to just pretend WoW doesn’t exist, it can be hard to see past the responsibilities you have to your guild and the people in it. “Oh but they need me to tank, if I leave it all falls apart” or “But I’ve always been there for them, they’ll hate me if I leave them” This is bullshit, you have to realise that it is a game. If you are not enjoying the game, then it is selfish and immature of other people to expect you to continue on purely for their benefit.

Treat everyone like adults and admit that you’re feeling burnt out, or that you need a break. If you keep it bottled up you’re going to lash out in annoyance and frustration, and you will make yourself and everyone around you even more unhappy.

Do yourself a favour and ask yourself, Am I still having fun?

Best part of 3.3.3

Hunters ranged weapons finally display on the login screen, not their melee!


About me

Hi, I’m Simon, but I’ll be referring to myself by my character names in future, because I’m cool like that. I’d like to give you some basic info on myself for my first post, so you’re not clawing your eyes out with the frustration of knowing more about me.

I am Horde.

Always been Horde, my highest level Alliance is level 10, and the only thing that will get me to level one is Worgen, because I loves dem der Wolf men.

Vash – My level 80 Blood Elf Protection Paladin, and the name by which I’ll probably be referring to myself, as he’s my main. I started this guy on the release day of Burning Crusade, having only had a level thirty something Tauren Shaman at that stage. I instantly fell in love with the way my Blood Elf could actually wear boots properly(Sill moo cows and their hooves), the excellent quest flow of the BE zones certainly didn’t hurt though. I went through the levels, and put my first points and all ones succeeding into the Protection spec. I did this because me and my friends were going to form a fully stocked 5 man group, and I was to be the tank. However, I surpassed their levels and they stopped playing their characters. For some reason I kept putting points into Protection and didn’t even level cleverly with multi mob killing. Oh no. I went at mobs one on one, in Protection spec, with a one hander and a shield. It makes a funny story, but I honestly don’t know how I managed to get up through those levels. He eventually reached 70 and I raided some Kara, ZA, and some Gruuls. I had a lot of fun. I then went into Wrath, raided some more, always as a tank. I’ve recently tried out both DPS and healing, with a good set of gear for both. I find them enjoyable, but my love will always remain with tanking.

Ironsights – My level 80 Orc Survival Hunter. I started this guy during Wrath, can’t remember how long ago. He was made because I loved how my brothers main, also an Orc Hunter, looked in all his kick ass raiding gear. This guy was great, because I’d never levelled a ranged DPS past 30, or even 20 I think. He was, without a doubt, the most fun I’ve ever had levelling. It was a complete blast playing him, all the way up through the old world, Outland, and Northrend. I got a saber worg (the normal Northrend worg) as soon as I could, and named him Rage. Yes, that is a cool name, admit it, you love it on the inside with all your squishy bits. I geared Ironsights up through some heroics and the odd PuG raid. I sort of left him for a while and concentrated on my main. I’ve recently played about with him some more, and am planning to gear him up a bit so he can get into some ToC 10 PUG’s and such, maybe get that awesome cannon gun.

I formed my own 10 man raiding guild with my three brothers about a month ago. While I sort of regret forming it with my brothers, as you can’t really tell them to do anything without them saying Fuck off, it’s been good to get some ICC bosses down. We’ve currently got the first quarter and then Festergut and Rotface down. We’ve been having troubles with getting people to gear up a tank of ours by running ToC. Our other tank is very unreliable, in case you were wondering why we were doing that. This has caused us to introduce some new guidelines, which I hope will resolve these issues. I expect it will halt raiding though, and we’re probably going to have to recruit more people. It’s been a great weight off my shoulders handing over control over raiding and such to one of my brothers, he’s less likely to take peoples shit than I am. I’m quite a softy really.

I like mounts and titles, and recently got my Champion of the Frozen Wastes title about a year or more after everyone else. I used to be quite the whore for mounts and such, but now I’ve lost that passion, they just don’t really excite me that much anymore.

I love the lore and story of Wow, I will often spend an hour or more just reading Wowwiki, going from link to link. I’ve only read the War of the Ancients trilogy (Broxxigar ftw), but I’d like to read more of the lore books. Mostly I wish to read Stormrage, and perhaps Arthas.

I am practically frothing at the mouth for Cataclysm to release. I can’t wait for some old world stuff again, the levelling experience there is dreadful compared to BC and Wrath, and it should be good to have some fun levelling alts. The addition of old world flying, and also Worgen are also things I’m going to love. Everything apart from Garrosh being Warchief, boo! I don’t like Garrosh. :<

I enjoy playing some Xbox 360 and PC games, so expect some posts on those when I can’t contain myself. Currently playing Final Fantasy 13 and hating everyone except Sazh! 😀

I am also a massive fan of huge Spiky Shoulder armour! Fuck besting the primeval forces of the netherworld, give me two slabs od metal with spikes coming out of them to sling on my shoulders, and I’ll be yours forever.