Basic Campfire for Warchief 2010!

We of the horde know that the great Cataclysm brings great change, not least of which will be the vacating of Thralls seat of power as our Warchief. The transference of power to a worthy individual, one strong enough to lead the Horde is obviously of great importance to everyone. Many people’s thoughts immediately turn to Garrosh Hellscream when I say these words, and he is, to be truthful, a strong Orc, one which would lead us to many victories over the Alliance. I did not come here today to speak of Garrosh however, I came to talk of a different candidate, one with a burning passion for the welfare and full stomachs of the Horde.

I speak, of course, about Basic Campfire. Never has there been a more stalwart and trustworthy ally than BC. He has made many magical meals possible in the days of Vanilla and Burning Crusade, and has kept us warm and full in the harsh winters of Northrend, and he will be there in Cataclysm, comforting us with the familiarity of his crackling flames in the suddenly unfamiliar lands after Deathwing’s arrival. If you have but one vote to give, give it to the candidate whose happy flames keep your spirits up(+4!), give it, to Basic Campfire.

Many thanks to Vrykerion of Oddcraft for making this and many other kickass Warchief 2010 campaign buttons!