RealID and it’s withdrawal

So recently, some few of you may have heard of Blizzards plan to display our full names whenever we posted on the official forums. This was not met with approval from the community. The two uber threads on the EU and US boards showed a variety of reactions to the announcement, but most of them were of outrage that Blizzard would do this, that they would betray the playerbases trust in them.That it was an unethical move that threatened peoples safety I have no doubt, especially not after reading this. I don’t know how the originators of that idea thought it was a good one, but the amount of information that can be gotten from a name should be proof that it was terrible.

The main thing I felt though, and judging by the myriad blog posts I’ve read about the matter, others felt similarly, was shocked. Shocked that a company that I have always thought of as not being a company, more a bunch of guys working on games they loved and trying their best to improve them so that more and more people could enjoy their creations, would so blatantly put their business decisions ahead of peoples personal privacy. I mean, I’ve read plenty of posts with people saying that RealID is not that bad, but I have read very very few where people actually support it and say that it’s a good idea.

When I think about the shock this produced in me I’m reminded of this post by Larissa over at Pink Pigtail inn, I think more than the Celestial Steed(which I shamefully bought), more than the remote auction house, more than Lil KT or Lil XT, this RealID forum debacle has really shown me that Blizzard is not some benevolent bunch of fun guys, it is a business. A business that is doing very well, partly because of the trust the community has in them. They have abused that trust now, and even though it is no longer going ahead, it has tainted many peoples view on Blizzard and their business policy. I know that I for one no longer really trust them to put fun ahead of greed. It has made me leery of the future, I can only hope that they never stumble this badly again.


Good Old Fashioned Questing

Sometimes in this great big world of warcraft, we can forget the little things that made this game fun for us a long time ago.

This is the way it has been for me for a while now.I’ve been suffering pretty badly from some major WoW burnout, and whenever I would log on I would do the famous laps o’ Dalaran. As fun as it is seeing myself slowly circle that place and listen to the horrendous music (Seriously, does anyone like that music? It gets on my tits), I mostly just didn’t play. This was absolutely the right thing to do, if you don’t enjoy it anymore, take a break. You’ll only end up resenting it if you force yourself to play.

I think I may, just may, be coming out of it though. The other day I started up WoW and instead of my main, Vash, I decided to log onto my hunter, Ironsights. Struck by whimsy, I began taking screenshots of the paintings on the walls inside the horde inn in Dalaran. There were only two, but enjoy!

This is a picture of Vordrassil, from Grizzly Hills. I think it looks really great, which is doubly impressive for just being a random painting in an inn.

This appears to be a Tuskarr fisherman gutting his latest catch, a whole whale! I find the expression on the whales face amusing for some reason.

These lightened my heart a bit, I like seeing little pieces of content tucked away in unseen places. This one was even better because it was in a place all horde players probably go to once a day at least, and yet I’ve never heard mention of it before. Little nuggets of content leads me not so smoothly to my next bit of nuggetyness.

Old world quests.

These babies are pretty cool. Just the few at the Bulwark, where I randomly decided to stop of, Alas, Andorhol, The Cauldron quests and Scholomance key questline. These were really great and enjoyable quests to do. The Cauldron quests have a systematic approach with different enemy types around each Cauldron, this makes you really feel like you’re making a difference. They also have the added bonus of having an additional quest at each location, which you have to find yourself. The Alas, Andorhol and Scholomance key quests led me to some interesting places, but the main thing I loved about them were the NPC’s that gave them to me.

Those guys are rarities. They are the first Forsaken NPC’s I’ve met in a long time who were not dicks. These guys actually seemed like they cared about you. They would pat you on the back, spell out your virtues, express concern for your safety and even seem to have a little bit of shame that you had to foot the 15 gold bill for a part of the key chain. These characters were rounded individuals, not just one exaggerated personality trait.

To segue into a pet peeve of mine for a bit, apart from a few exceptions, Northrend seems to be full of Grim Warriors, that is all. You could go from person to person and they would all have this “Grim Warrior” persona imprinted on them like a Dev was rubber stamping defining characteristics and lost all the other ones.


Annnd we’re back. Don’t worry about burnout, it happens sometimes. However, when you journey back into the game, check out the little things around you that go unnoticed. Go on a trip around the old world. Do some old quests, they can surprise you.

Note to Self: Try to be less rambling

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