I don’t remember that hairstyle….

The annoyance of a clingy pet in a barbershop



City of the Kirin’Tor; City of Magic and Wonder. Beset by the Horde; attacked by the Scourge and razed by Archimonde, it was repopulated slowly. The mages that were drawn back to their beloved capital erected a giant forcefield around it while repairs continued, eager to put the terrors of the past behind them and work in concert to make it once again the center for magical arts and learning. Upon hearing of the impending assault on Northrend the Kirin’Tor dismantled their cities protective bubble; using unbelievable arcane might, they transported their city all the way to Northrend and set it in place hovering over Crystalsong forest. They have since kept watch and aided many adventurers on their journeys; they have also joined in the assault on Ulduar as well as having a token force at the Crusaders Coliseum.

Many players enjoy Dalarans multitude of benefits. It has ample portals, one to each major city and then one to the Outland hub Shattrath. Dalaran also has two banks, multiple inns, a portal to Wintergrasp, a level 80 5 man dungeon, the highest level profession trainers, and some whimsical NPC’s. The list of features goes on for a long time. This hub has so very many fanciful and wondrous things to astound and amaze us, as well as many things on the practical side. Such a convienient city.

I fucking hate it.

Everything from the music to the colour scheme, even the NPC’s. God I am sickened by this bloody city. I hate it’s guts. The hate has transcended and become an entity unto itself; I often have long conversations with this manifestation of my hatred for Dalaran, it enjoys crumpets and theater shows about dolphins. I have run so many laps around that town square as to make my characters permanently unable to distinguish left from up, or right from toast. I have gone to Dubin Clay in the blacksmith shop so many times and hit that little anvil icon time and again; I have put his children and his childrens children down through to the generation that will be herald to the worlds doom through college. I have long since ceased to find “Tanks for Everything” and “Simply Enchanting” amusing titles for shops; I have long since stopped caring about Glowergold and his fucking cheese; I have long since stopped liking this place.

And Yet….

I spend most of my time there. Every day the place you’re most likely to find me is Dalaran, jumping around or circling the middle of town. I feel chained to the place due to it’s convenience and it’s position in Northrend. I can get to any place that’s current content from there much quicker than anywhere else. I could use Shattrath, sure I could but then to get to any of the raids I would have to get a portal to Orgrimmar or Undercity and get a zepplin alllll the way to one of the starting zones and then fly alllll the way to the other side of the map because that’s where ALL the raids are apart from Naxxramas and the dragon Sanctums.

In Cataclysm there is one thing I want more than anything; More than Worgen Ninjas; more than a fix to distracting shot; I dare say even more than Good friends and Good raids. No, all these things I could do without, what I really want in Cataclysm is to get out of this damned city.

Come on Blizzard, give me somewhere new; I’m sick of these mage guys in their sissy robes. 🙂

RealID and it’s withdrawal

So recently, some few of you may have heard of Blizzards plan to display our full names whenever we posted on the official forums. This was not met with approval from the community. The two uber threads on the EU and US boards showed a variety of reactions to the announcement, but most of them were of outrage that Blizzard would do this, that they would betray the playerbases trust in them.That it was an unethical move that threatened peoples safety I have no doubt, especially not after reading this. I don’t know how the originators of that idea thought it was a good one, but the amount of information that can be gotten from a name should be proof that it was terrible.

The main thing I felt though, and judging by the myriad blog posts I’ve read about the matter, others felt similarly, was shocked. Shocked that a company that I have always thought of as not being a company, more a bunch of guys working on games they loved and trying their best to improve them so that more and more people could enjoy their creations, would so blatantly put their business decisions ahead of peoples personal privacy. I mean, I’ve read plenty of posts with people saying that RealID is not that bad, but I have read very very few where people actually support it and say that it’s a good idea.

When I think about the shock this produced in me I’m reminded of this post by Larissa over at Pink Pigtail inn, I think more than the Celestial Steed(which I shamefully bought), more than the remote auction house, more than Lil KT or Lil XT, this RealID forum debacle has really shown me that Blizzard is not some benevolent bunch of fun guys, it is a business. A business that is doing very well, partly because of the trust the community has in them. They have abused that trust now, and even though it is no longer going ahead, it has tainted many peoples view on Blizzard and their business policy. I know that I for one no longer really trust them to put fun ahead of greed. It has made me leery of the future, I can only hope that they never stumble this badly again.