Horsie Horsie Horsie!

Always, I want to be with you, and make believe with you, and live in harmony harmony oh love!


I’m not dead

I’ve just been swamped with college work, and I’m back tomorrow for an intense last month of work and annoyance! I just wanted to tell you, phantom audience, that I may not be posting very regularly because of it. Regular broadcasts will resume once my workload is a little lighter.


A new lease on WoW life

So, as some of you may know, I’ve recently been burning out on Wow. What with guild leadership stress and the falling apart of that guild, I was just shattered and I couldn’t muster any enthusiasm. I stopped logging on much at all and when I did I didn’t really do much.

Recently though, things have changed a bit.

How you ask? Well I’ll tell you my bright-eyed little disciple. I completely stopped playing for any other reason than to have fun. I got into a ToC 25 man run on my alt hunter, I didn’t care how many bosses we downed, I was having great fun and kept yammering on and making little jokes that popped into my head. We only made it up to Faction Champs where we wiped on that run, incidentally.

I made a couple of friends from it though, who said that there was a place in their guild if ever I wanted it. That made me feel good, because I was just having fun and I infected the people around me with that fun. It was a great feeling.

I then logged on tonight, wanting to raid. I spotted someone looking for a Rotface tank. So I hopped onto my paladin and I responded and was promptly invited. This was a raid that was a joint effort between two guilds who usually raid together with a pretty stable IC 10 group. They asked me if I had vent and then gave me the details of the one they were using. I popped on and they were friendly and nice. (The raid leader was also from Ireland, and I always love meeting a fellow countryman, countrywomen in this case)

I gave a few pointers when the tactics were being explained (I was asked, I’m not snooty) and we proceeded to try him out. We wiped I think….3 times? Maybe 2. But it was fun the whole time. I couldn’t give a shit if we were wiping, I was having a ball of a time tanking for these people and chatting away. We killed Rotface and moved onto Putricide. I wasn’t expecting much from this group as they seemed uncoordinated.

I was wrong.

We didn’t kill him, I think the closest we got was 41%. However, I could see them improving each time, reassuring each other and doing everything with a casual and fun attitude. This was fantastic, this is what raids were meant to be like. By the end of the night we called it because people had to sleep.

I didn’t mind that we’d only killed one boss, I couldn’t give a shit about loot. I made more friends and spent a very enjoyable evening killing giant monsters, and isn’t that what WoW is supposed to be about?

Alliance Alt Hooooo!

I love the Horde. Since day one, and throughout the times I was playing Warcraft 3, I’ve wanted to play Horde. I have two Horde 80’s, and the rest of my characters bar one or two name holders are Horde. The highest level I have ever gotten an Alliance character has been 10. I just found them visually unappealing and boring.

However, since Cataclysm was announced I’ve been thinking. I don’t want the whole of Azeroth to change before I’ve had a chance to experience it from the Alliance point of view. This is also the reason I’m going to be doing Loremaster on my paladin, but that’s a story for another day.

With this in mind, I rolled a dwarf priest. I got this priest, named Rales, to level 10. There he will stay forever, because I had a look at the high level armor sets on him and I just didn’t really like the way it looked. I have to like how a character looks to be able to play them. It’s why I hate gnomes I think.

I then decided to create a female Draeni priest. This was done at the same time my brother started one, and we’ve been levelling them together. Once I got over the strangeness and the idea that it was freaky for a guy to play a female character, it became very fun. I like how female Draeni look, the males are great for plate classes, but they’re just too bulky for cloth and such. I’m really looking forward to playing through the various zones that I never visited before and having a look around the strange new cities. I think I’m also going to love buildings that are actually made made of stone instead of rough animal skin and wood. 🙂

This post turned into a strange dear diary kind of thing, but I just wanted to announce that I was levelling an Alliance alt, because I find it very strange to be on the wrong side.

Lok’Tar Exodar!


I am quitting!/moving out of the country!/joined a folk trio that plays Albanian jazz!/deleting my blog!/am going to make money out of performing coin tricks with my nipples!/am incredibly angry with someone you know!/am breaking up with my (gf/wife)!/am going to sell all my possessions!/drop out of college!/need you to hide a body!/am going to jail!/just vomited blood!/have a secret sexual obsession with wooden horses!/lost my wallet!/lost my baby!/lost my house!/lost my babies house!/am really little red riding hood!/am really a horse!/have found out I have several illegitimate children!/am telling lies!

If you managed to read all of those, well done, and April Fools! 😀