It came from the shadows..

It lurked in the ancient places of the world, waiting for it’s time to strike, it’s time to make it’s indelible mark upon the world. Where it came from, no one knows. Some say it was from an ancient realm of twisted magic, where an entire civilisation of beings who were drained of all interest in the world around them worshipped it as a God. It comes for us, and we are helpless before it’s might…

It is the saviour…

It is the destroyer…

It is….


I recently downloaded the Bejeweled addon and am completely consumed by it!

Long live the Lord Bejeweled!


2 Responses to It came from the shadows..

  1. Rades says:

    I had the Peggle addon for quite a while until 3.3 hit, at which point when I was updating my addons I forced myself to leave it behind. It was consuming way too much of my time! Haha though in retrospect it sure would be nice to have while waiting on DPS heroic queues…hmm.

  2. evilbeards says:

    Haha, it always begins as something like that. One time(at band camp) I ended up doing about half my normal dps because when the random dungeon popped I couldn’t stop playing it 😉

    I…I think I might have a problem

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